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Single parenting, Meditation, Overcoming trauma, Divorce, Searching for happiness, Starting over, Motherly instincts

by S.L. Wosminity

By the time the author was nineteen years old, she had already experienced more than most women twice her age. Married and pregnant at seventeen, she endured violent physical abuse and degrading humiliation from her husband all before her child was born. Drawing strength from her son, she was able to escape devastating circumstances to build a successful and fulfilling life for both herself and her child. In this debut memoir, the author bravely tells her story and imparts the wisdom she gained along the way. Rooted in personal experience and written with unwavering honesty, the author’s writing will carry weight with new parents and with anyone interested in protecting today’s youth. Part personal memoir, part inspirational parenting guide, HUSHA ties together one single mother’s journey with a greater exploration of our society’s effect on the healthy development of today’s children.

Ring around the rosie

Pockets full of posies


We all fall down

...the reward is

getting back up!

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The author was born in a small town, later moving to a larger city where she worked in advertising and marketing for more than twenty years. After her son went away to college, she left it all behind to live and work overseas, travelling extensively through Southeast Asia and Europe. She currently divides her time living between Canada and Europe. HUSHA is her first book.


S.L. Wosminity

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