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Retail, Annoying customers, Small business, Customer complaints, Bad employees, Senior citizens, Free market

Why we Hate you
A Retailer's Confession
by Frank Lee

Is the customer really always right? Heck no. For every friendly and polite customer, there’s an entitled and cranky shopper waiting for the world to be handed to them on a platter. Unreasonable expectations and out of proportion reactions can beat a retailer down, and this makes it an unhappy buying experience for everyone.

This book is a public service, aimed at making consumers better human beings, and helping employers create happy customers. Through it you will learn how to be a better shopper, how not to be a lousy employee, and maybe, just maybe, how not to be such a jackass to those around you.

The author chooses to remain anonymous. This story isn’t about him, and it certainly wasn’t written to promote his company, but it does come from his experience. He has spent over twenty years in the retail business, scratching his way up from a tiny operation to an established brand with world-class products. If it wasn’t for the retail side of the business, he might even have enjoyed it.


Frank Lee

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