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  • Nine

    Principals of Success for a Financial Services Professional by

    Entering a career in Law Enforcement is a decision that is never made lightly. There are so many hazards out there to face. Dealing with people that really want to kill you is a thought that is always in the back of one’s mind. However, there are ...

  • Practical Influence

    10 Positive Principles to help you increase your influence and build better relationships by

    Think about the influence you have today. You significantly influence your spouse and your children. You influence your co-workers, peers, subordinates, and your boss. You can even influence others you meet for the very first time. Is it a good idea ...

  • Why we Hate you

    A Retailer's Confession by

    Is the customer really always right? Heck no. For every friendly and polite customer, there’s an entitled and cranky shopper waiting for the world to be handed to them on a platter. Unreasonable expectations and out of proportion reactions can beat ...

  • Cracking the Code to Life Insurance Sales for the Multi Line Agent

    10 Essential Sales Skills to Help You and Your Sales Team Sell Life Insurance by

    The demand on multi-line reps to sell Life insurance has never been higher. Through my coaching, conducting sales interviews, and accompanying reps on joint sales calls, I've experienced the prospect interviews collected in this book. Many times ...