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  • Why It's Time to Go to Sleep


    The bath is done, the milk is finished, the storybook has been closed. It’s time to go to sleep. The atmosphere of coziness and contentedness is shattered with a single question and the tantrum that goes with it: WHY? Of course, there’s the ...

  • What If Jack Wasn't So Nimble

    Mother Goose Characters Reimagined by

    Bridging the gap between humour and poetry, this collection of 64 reimagined nursery rhymes will conjure up memories of verses learned in childhood. Each of the author’s new rhymes is built upon elements of a Mother Goose original. Familiar ...

  • Hockey Stories: A Novel Perspective

    Conversations with El Gordo by

    Hockey Stories is a fictional tale of two hockey players from rural Saskatchewan who find themselves on a winning NHL team. Billy Sinatra is accused of inappropriately organizing players to achieve the Stanley Cup win. Keeper was the goalie on his ...

  • Mushy Mashed Bananas


    A cute little monkey has trouble trying to squish and squash all kinds of fruit. He does not peel and eat bananas like other monkeys but instead likes to squish and squash his bananas. He has so much fun eating mushy mashed bananas in his pyjamas!

  • The Principal Chronicles


    The Principal Chronicles is a collection of funny and poignant short stories that follow the arc of one man’s life and career in education. These works of creative non-fiction—or, to be precise, of semi-autobiographical, pseudo-non-fictional ...

  • Judique On The Job

    The Long Road to My Career by

    Judique on the Job: The Long Road to My Career is a lighthearted memoir detailing the author’s experiences growing up on Cape Breton Island, travelling, partying, and his never-ending trials and tribulations trying to find a career that would be ...

  • Tales, Topics, Trivia and Travel


    Part fiction, part memoir, this comprehensive collection of short works showcases decades of writing by Lynn Gold. Comprising over two hundred individual pieces, Tales, Topics, Trivia, and Travel is wide-ranging, touching on topics such as marriage, ...

  • Cow, Sow, and Sheila


    Sheila Harris and I have been friends for a long time. And the most amazing thing she ever did was marry a farmer. No one was more unsuited for farm life than this girl. And in the dead of night she would think. "What have I got myself into?" You ...

  • That Dog Don't Hunt

    Tales from The Hunt Camp Porch by

    Jim Newman, a natural born story-teller, takes the reader through joyful and humorous stories about life at the hunt camp, hunting culture, and the joys of nature and wildlife. The stories are a mix of childhood memories, folklore, facts, fiction, ...

  • You and Me

    Travel, Misadventures, and Love Around the World by

    You and Me is a laugh-out-loud compilation of travel stories by husband and wife creatives, Michael S. Ryan and Kristen Herrington. From the textured rainforest of Costa Rica to the streets of Bangkok, this book is about the journey of falling in ...