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  • Edubabble

    A Glossary of Teacher Talk by

    “Nobody would believe this stuff .” This staff room refrain was usually in response to the verbiage or antics of children or teens, the nonsensical decisions of those in the education bureaucracy (including myself), or the fatuous comments that ...

  • Temp Tales

    An Exposé! by

    This book takes you through the life and struggles of a woman in search of the perfect job. From being a doormat for inconsiderate employers and temp agencies to working for less than peanuts; is it time wasted or just the cruel reality of the world ...

  • And Then Ed Flapped His Wings

    A Collection of Humorous Short Stories About Supposedly Smart People Doing Stupid Things by

    The sections and chapters within this book are all humorous, warm-hearted, usually inspirational and completely true. Because of some x-rated language in several appendices, this is clearly NOT a children’s book, but young adults will certainly ...

  • Why we Hate you

    A Retailer's Confession by

    Is the customer really always right? Heck no. For every friendly and polite customer, there’s an entitled and cranky shopper waiting for the world to be handed to them on a platter. Unreasonable expectations and out of proportion reactions can beat ...