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Mexico, personal development, autobiography, self-esteem, humour, culture, happiness

Angels Are Active In Puerto Vallarta
My Life With A Broken Wing
by Sheila Ann Fraser

This book is inspired by my experiences in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in the years I lived there. Most of these stories are about my friends. Some of the names of the places and people have been changed.

I am not a writer in the true sense, I am a story teller. My friends kept hounding me to put these stories down in writing so I have.

I wanted to share what it was like to live a single life, the trials and tribulations that can develop in a foreign country. I must admit that things happen to me that would not necessarily happen to everyone.

In the process of healing myself I discovered that there are many forces outside of myself that were working on my behalf, some mortal and some I believe to be ethereal. This book tells many stories that show why I believe that to be true. I realized that if we have a conscious awareness and acceptance of our significance on a daily basis and the affect we have on each other is so important. I hope this book will help others to become more aware of the necessity for their birth and that one person can truly change things for the better.

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At 18, I went straight from home to marriage. Twenty five years, two failed marriages and three children later I felt that I was an absolute failure and had no self worth, or value.

I had to find myself, I was so lost, I felt like my soul was a sieve with so many holes, nothing was sound or stable inside me. I needed to be healed. I felt that I was trying to fly straight with a broken wing. The people in Puerto Vallarta liked me...for me...not for what I had or did or where I was from. In the end they were an integral part of my healing and I will be eternally grateful.

I have been many places in Mexico but the feeling I had when I arrived with my daughter on a vacation to Puerto Vallarta was an experience I cannot explain in words. The pull to be there was so strong I was destined to return. I fell in love with the people and I felt I was home.

I am an Alcohol & Drug counselor by trade I have a certificate in Bio -Psychology (this is how the body and the mind function as one, dealing in cause not end effect). I also owned and operated a restaurant in Canada. These two things helped me tremendously in adapting to my new life. Today my life is good and I know who I am.


Sheila Ann Fraser

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