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child abuse, Christian, rape, pedophile, psychotic, murder, paranormal

The Lunch Bucket
by Henry Kurt Keppler

A prophetic call to repentance, The Lunch Bucket is about a deeply troubled and socially alienated family who struggle to make ends meet with little success until a respected member of the community intervenes to offer support. The result of an encounter with malicious intent, the heroine of the story, Rebekah births twin sons. Jacob, who resembles Rebekah’s adored father becomes her golden child, while Esau, the other one, is anything but.

In explicit detail, graphically compelling and metaphorically alive, The Lunch Bucket is a disturbing and somber account of how predators exploit the most vulnerable in society without repercussion, and how God takes the most revolting in society under his care.

Whether you believe in God, divine destiny and evil in man, demons or the devil, you will be caught up in the spiritual maelstrom in the lives of each of these tortured personalities, and witness a transformation of character through a convoluted path to life, that can only happen through the crucible of God, reforming his children into his will.

Henry Kurt Keppler lives on the southern coastal waters of British Columbia

with his beautiful wife of forty years, Arlene.


Henry Kurt Keppler

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