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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Motherhood, Fawn, Kitten, Farm, Friendship, Birth

Curious Freckles
by Janet Kennedy Kiefer

What does innocence, discovery, and motherhood have in common? Freckles and Violet have a special friend on the farm. Who is it? Springtime on the farm is filled with newness. Read “Curious Freckles,” and find out for yourself the fantastically fun experiences the farm has to offer.

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Although, Janet grew up in the city, on many weekends she would visit her cousins on the farm. Many new and exciting experiences filled their time. There were fields with ruby clover, kittens, puppies, fawns, and flowers to discover. The days were filled with little giggling girls exploring streams, gardens, and barns. These fun times have a special place in Janet’s heart! She wants to share these joys with her grandchildren and all children in the world.

“Curious Freckles,” has a very special discovery. Someone becomes a mother. Motherhood is the most important job and greatest gift any woman can have. Janet is blessed to have a son and a daughter as well as three beautiful grand daughters. These children have inspired Janet’s work as an author.


Janet Kennedy Kiefer

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