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Intriguing Compositions: Inspiring Journeys into Mundane Encounters and Other Vi cover

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collage, mixed media, magic realism, self help, self development, inspirational, photo montage, contemporary art, found objects, ephemera, compositing, new age

Intriguing Compositions: Inspiring Journeys into Mundane Encounters and Other Vi
A Collection of Collage Narratives and Other Thoughts by Maria Davradou
by Maria Davradou

Join me as you embark on your own creative journey of becoming! Seventy-two collage works with open-ended story lines and thought provoking statements act as our creative host. Images and written text act as cues prompting us to engage in a personal journey of discovery and inspiration. The work deepens our understanding and, as a result, our appreciation of the visible world and the universal language of symbols. Equipped with this new insight we view ordinary scenes, sights and personal experiences as creative opportunities for self-exploration, self-transformation and healing.

Maria Davradou is a self-taught artist who, for the past 24 years, uses her collage work as a vehicle for personal growth and transformation. A trained scientist, she holds graduate degrees in Forest Sciences and in the interdisciplinary area of Conservation and Applied Ethics. She is a published scientist and poet as well as the recipient of varied credentials in the study of modern languages. This is her first book in bringing together her most recent collage and writings. She serves as an educator and lives in Vancouver, Canada.

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