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  • Gallan

    Conversations inspired by Gurmukhi Alphabets by

    This is my artistic approach to creating a Punjabi cultural dialogue with 83 pages of photographed and graphically reproduced mixed media illustrations, artworks and digital works, combined with a hand written and a typed collection of "Gallan" ...

  • Light as it Falls

    Passport to the Arts by

    Finding balance in one’s life isn’t always straightforward: it involves light and shadow, and blacks, whites, and greys. Artist and writer Dr. Irene Naested explores the philosophy, psychology, and beauty of these themes in Light as it Falls. This ...

  • Holding Up the Sky

    33 Paintings and their Poems by

    Which comes first for you? Words or pictures? In this anthology of paintings and their poems, the artist and poet, Valerie Losell invites you to start with either and enhance your enjoyment of both. Her watercolours and pastels and the poems that ...

  • Stanza's Flowers and Butterflies Alphabet


    As part of a series of artworks, Stanza painted an ink and watercolour illustration of the letter A in which the name of the flower and the butterfly began with A; the result was beautiful and inspiring. This led to the letter B and a year later the ...

  • Intriguing Compositions: Inspiring Journeys into Mundane Encounters and Other Vi

    A Collection of Collage Narratives and Other Thoughts by Maria Davradou by

    Join me as you embark on your own creative journey of becoming! Seventy-two collage works with open-ended story lines and thought provoking statements act as our creative host. Images and written text act as cues prompting us to engage in a personal ...