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Creosote Spider, Mead, Post-apocalyptic, Nova Scotia, Dystopia, Summer House, Winter House

The Creosote Spider
by Ross A. McCoubrey

Blood-stained highways weave through the tapestry of a changing world. Water swallows entire towns while the forests take back the land. The human population of earth has diminished to levels unknown. Everything is eerily quiet, so silent that even the faintest snapping of a twig in the distance arouses suspicion. Abandoned vehicles, shuttered houses, and emptied rail cars all offer temporary refuge from the elements of nature but provide no guarantee against the forces of others who may still be lingering…

And so Mead, a young man left alone to face a cruel and uncertain future; armed with a 9mm, backpack, and his own distinct code, searches for meaning beyond mere survival. What he discovers on his perilous journey asks as many questions as it answers.

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Ross A. McCoubrey was born and raised in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. When not at work, or at home writing, Ross is likely to be found enjoying the wonders of nature while camping or kayaking during the warmer seasons and embracing the world of cinema and music during the winter. The Creosote Spider is Ross’ second novel. His first book, One Boy’s Shadow, published in 2012.


Ross A. McCoubrey

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