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Consciousness, Resilience, Quantum Energy, Soul, The Divine, Universal Matrix, Empowerment

Sight Beyond Sight
Intuitive Consciousness Empowerment
by Raine L. Dalrymple

In this introduction into intuitive consciousness, Raine expresses her words, with a style that is organic, refreshing, altruistic, expansive and technical. She displays a sense of realism, while still capturing the heart of emotion in picturesque graphics. By drawing on the spiritual essence, forging humanity into a merging of reality, psyche/emotion, and practical buoyancy, she ignites the soul’s expression. In this, the soul’s depth and intimacy, explores mapping an intelligence that is source. Spirit life is discovered and elevated to intuitive consciousness levels, that empower. By tracing the blueprint and creating new imprints, life force is experienced. You are plunged into a dynamic rapture and promotion. Navigating the “Eight Keys to Consciousness,” moves you into awareness and through transformation in practical and metaphysicial empowerment. Personal development of the mind, physical and spiritual health and emotional well-being becomes an intentional ally.

"I was pleased with how effective the strategies and insight Raine offered, helped me to get my business back on track. She used common sense strategies while bringing in her intuitive skill. I am excited to not have to sell my company and continue doing what I love to do."

— J. C. British Columbia

"My consultation with Raine was amazing! She answered and confirmed a lot of questions I had at a very traumatic time in my life. After the loss of my love, she identified how he passed away, messages he had for me and details that only we knew. I am recharged and inspired. "

—Mandy K. Ab

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Visionary, Raine L. Dalrymple, began her journey of awakening in her late twenties, launching her onto a path of personal growth. With an extensive career, in the fields of Childhood Education, Criminal Justice, Addiction, Developmental Disabilities, Daycare, Transformational Intuitive Healing, Art Media Instructing, Business Mentorship, and Trauma Treatment, her passion has been to empower transformation for individuals, groups and communities, seeking self-improvement. As Director of Programming, Content Creator and Visionary Cohesive Healer, she provides encouragement through Coaching, Mentorship, Consulting, Interactive Symposiums and Motivational Speaking. With her children now grown, she enjoys spending time with her pets, creating art media, music and home design, while providing consulting and coaching across the globe.


Raine L. Dalrymple

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