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  • Om Canada

    An Intimate Glimpse at Yoga's Firsts by

    OM Canada: An Intimate Glimpse at Yoga’s Firsts is a celebration of yoga's history in Canada. Here are profiles of sixty of the country's yoga innovators-the firsts to set up a practice in their area, -start a provincial association, launch a TV ...

  • The Soul Awakens

    a Journey of Self-Love​ by

    'The Soul Awakens' is a month long personal journal recording the challenge of learning to Love all aspects of Self: my physical body as much as my Spiritual Light Bodies. As awakening Souls, this is often the last step we take and it is a very ...

  • On the Way to Here

    Reflections on Things that Matter by

    This book covers a great deal of ground spiritually, philosophically, and emotionally. The subject matter is often weighty, yet it doesn’t feel like that at all, no small feat when discussing the origins and cycles of life, birth and death, and ...

  • Affirmations of the Soul

    Recovery is About Uncovering the Real You by

    Affirmations of the Soul is a loving journey expressed through positive messages and Meaghan’s artwork and poetry. This book was made small and portable in hopes that you can take it with you in your purse, leave it at the office, put it in the ...

  • How Mindfulness Meditation Works

    A Modern Buddhist View by

    The front cover is the visualization for a meditation designed to recall the Bodhiccitta of infancy. Some Buddhists believe infants are born enlightened. Imagine there suddenly appears a glowing ember in your heart that glows stronger as you breath ...

  • A String of Pearls

    One Woman's Search for Truth by

    If you have ever asked yourself, “Who am I? Why am I here? WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY?” then this book can help you find answers. Patti Tucker writes with the wisdom of ages and the guidance of spiritual companions as she brings us a book filled with ...



    BE THE LOVE YOU ARE. FEEL YOUR INNER-FLOW AS YOU READ. ~ a feast of soul-food for all to cherry-pick from ~ The Legends of NOW, is a love anthology of self-empowering and inspiring writings. These stories, poems and brief essays explore the ...