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Temp Tales
An Exposé!
by Judy M. Crouse and Byron L. Wilt

This book takes you through the life and struggles of a woman in search of the perfect job. From being a doormat for inconsiderate employers and temp agencies to working for less than peanuts; is it time wasted or just the cruel reality of the world in which we live? Promises of full time employment that never panned out or getting stuck in a dead-end job you wish you’d never taken to begin with. The concerns of life can be terrifying as you wonder if and when your next paycheck will come. How will you live and will that telephone ever ring?

Temp Tales is a story of one woman’s struggles and triumphs in the world of Temporary Employment. She shares with the reader the often ludicrous duties required of temp employees. Never one to shirk a job responsibility or say no, she always had a smile. Judy has never given up her pursuit of the dream job.

Kate Wilcox of The Evening Sun writes, “This book is written in Crouse’s wickedly dark humor. She examines every type of character a temp will meet, assigning them sharply insightful archetypes”.

Laura Ann Ford, Author of McCullen states, “Temp Tales is a unique tale. And is a down-to-earth story that anyone who has ever held a temp job or been unemployed can relate to.”

Mike Argento of the York Dispatch relates, “Welcome to Temp Hell.” “These stories are the most entertaining, psycho bosses, and fellow employees whose eccentricities veered into the bizarre.”

For hardcover flap:

It was a dark and stormy morning. Oops, wrong story line. My coffee is getting cold. As I slide my cup into the microwave, the phone rings, I run to grab it before the second ring. It’s the temporary agency’s representative. She is too excited. This is one person I must not alienate. She is in short, my pimp. I am NOT her equal. She is the happiest person this side of paradise, reason being, she has a job.

“Hi Judy,” Miss Bubbly gushes, “I have this absolutely wonderful position, at an absolutely wonderful company. And you’re going to be a “perfect fit.” I love that term.

She even has the gall to say, “It might go full time.” Now this is a total lie, as I find out during the course of this job.

So, I listen and say, “Yes, when do I report?” I am sooooo excited too.

I make sure Miss Bubbly gives me all the information... parking, dress code and the contact person. She will not have any or at least not all of this on the first phone call to me. She will probably have to ring me back once, if not twice. She is just so busy!

I have decided, no matter what any one thinks, I am a very brave person. I get to go to the first day of middle school every time I start a new job! Remember that day;

I have that old sinking feeling. “Will I fit in, will they like me, am I dressed right, and where is the bathroom?”

All those horrible misgivings I thought were left behind years ago. They are front and center this morning.

“I have to get this terrible attitude out of the way this morning.” I pry myself out of the car. I take a deep breath, walk towards the building, struggling with my coffee mug and tote bag, this should not be so hard. Here I go, another temp job, big sigh.

Judy M. Crouse and Byron L. Wilt photo

Judy M. Crouse grew up in White Hall, Maryland. She has worked for twenty-five years as a temporary employee, and has collected many funny and strange tales along the way.

Judy currently resides in the beautiful countryside of York County, Pennsylvania, along with her husband and her dear cats. She hopes Temp Tales: an Exposé! will encourage others who have struggled with temporary staffing companies to join her in a crusade to win fair and equal working conditions for temporary employees nationwide.


Judy M. Crouse
Photograph of Author
Byron L. Wilt

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