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  • Omorfia

    The Bion by

    After failing to assassinate the overlord of Oever, Leios and Emely have lost their home member, Etham, Aadya can no longer speak, and Mathius has been captured. Devastated, Leios and his friends hurry back to Ignosi in preparation for the ...

  • Heir of the Moon


    When Ann was just a little girl, in love with the world, her beautiful smile was dimmed by an evil witch who was working to steal the gift of her innocence. The witch would have taken it all, but luckily, she was discovered—and her plan thwarted—by ...

  • Noah’s Story

    The Prophecy by

    Air, earth, fire, water, snow, dreams, light, dark, life, and death. These are the elements ruled by eight Saviors, each uniquely equipped to fight The Darkness that threatens to destroy the realms. These Saviors are born and immediately separated. ...