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  • Fit to be Canadian?

    The Recreation Industrial Complex in Canada by

    In recent years, recreation scholars and professionals began calling for a return to municipal recreation’s historical roots as a “public good.” Blaming neoliberal ideology for the current pay-per-use model, these calls for a more inclusive ...

  • WINS

    Canadian Hockey Summareliquary by


  • Crystal Beach

    Out of the Park by

    “The memories within the millions of people who experienced Crystal Beach, even just once, will never be lost.” One of Canada’s greatest entertainment centres existed for one hundred years in an isolated little village in one of the southernmost ...

  • Sticks 'n' Stones

    The Battle for Curling to be an Olympic Sport by

    In the 1970s, when most people thought about curling they thought it was just a game, something that could never be a real sport. Warren Hansen, a top curler in the seventies, felt curling wasn’t viewed fairly by the sports world. That needed to ...

  • Minto & Mann

    The Untold Stories of Lacrosse's Dynastic Teams by

    Even the most passionate lacrosse fans probably do not remember the Orillia Terriers, Montreal Shamrocks or even Vancouver Carlings, but in their times these teams were famous across Canada and even farther afield, always in the thick of the hunt ...

  • The Viking Cup

    International Hockey : A Small College Town Scores Big Time by

    How does a small college in a rural Alberta city of just over 12,000 people become host to the finest hockey players in the world? Now a part of the University of Alberta, Camrose Lutheran College was challenged to compete against larger city ...

  • The History of Professional Hockey in Victoria

    BC: 1911-2011 by

    The History of Professional Hockey in Victoria is an in-depth examination of professional hockey in Victoria. It includes details on the different leagues, statistics on every game played by a Victoria team, and information on every player to dress ...

  • Muskoka Ontario's Playground

    A History of Recreation and Sport in Ontario's Cottage Country 1860-1945 by

    Recreation and Sport are an integral part of Canadian culture. This is nowhere more evident than in the Muskoka District of Ontario. Beginning in the 1860s, people from more populated areas of Southern Ontario and the North Eastern United States ...

  • Hound Town

    One of the Best Hockey Towns Anywhere by

    Winning is about more than putting the puck in the net. A team needs to work hard every day, both on and off the ice, to create the strength and determination required to make a run at victory. It also takes a community of people dedicated to ...

  • The Vrooms of the Foothills, Volume 4: Ranching, the Real West


    Ranching, the Real West is Volume 4 in the series THE VROOMS OF THE FOOTHILLS. Once again and using 5 maps and over 280 photos, Bessie Vroom Ellis vividly illustrates the social history of southwestern Alberta. The captions are memory-filled ...