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  • Language and State

    An Inquiry into the Progress of Civilization, Second Edition by

    This book argues that while humans communicate using language, they create and use media. Media extend the distance of communication. Humans form themselves into a large community. This happens in a long historical process in which the state of the ...

  • Language and State

    A Theory of the Progress of Civilization by

    Language and State: A Theory of the Progress of Civilization, Second Edition, argues that the state takes form because of language. It argues that since humans began to use language, they have been able to create and use media. Media include ...

  • Humanizing Medicine: Making Health Tangible

    Memoirs of Engagement with a Global Development Network by

    Covering more than forty years, this engaging memoir chronicles Dr. Azim Jiwani’s journey from his early years of acquiring a wide-ranging medical education; his varied medical experiences in developed and developing societies; and his impetus and ...

  • Social Psychology and Social Change in Nigeria

    A Systematic Evaluation of Government Social Policies and Programs by

    Governments in the developing nations of Africa invest much of their countries’ scarce resources in social and economic development programs, often without much evaluation of the programs or any knowledge of the potential outcomes. Social Psychology ...

  • Under the Acacia Tree


    This book holds the inspiring story of friendship and collaboration between two groups of people - in Kenya and in Canada. They saw how many bright young people in Kenya were denied a chance for an education due to family poverty - and did something ...