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Under the Acacia Tree
by CES Family of Friends

This book holds the inspiring story of friendship and collaboration between two groups of people - in Kenya and in Canada. They saw how many bright young people in Kenya were denied a chance for an education due to family poverty - and did something about it. Since that start in 2003, Community Education Services has touched thousands of lives – students, parents, educators and volunteers. This book is the story of the first 15 years of CES, told through the stories of the people impacted by it.

“Under the Acacia Tree reveals how partnership and design mixed with love and com-passion can free Kenyan families from acute poverty.”

—Sarah Awinja Ayumba

Sub-County Director of Education, Navakholo

“This book tells the story of Kenyan youth locked in by barriers of poverty and gender bias and are now free through the power of education.”

—Mary Stella Maloba Chitechi

Former Principal Bishop Sulumeti Girls HS, Kakamega

“Canada has played a huge role in the development of education and community health in Kenya. Part of that legacy is the work of CES Canada in western Kenya.”

—HE Simon Nabukwesi,

Former Ambassador, Kenya High Commission to Canada

“This highly readable book will introduce you to the day-to-day challenges faced by the Third World, and also to realistic, on-the-ground solutions that groups like CES have made possible.”

—Bernard Simon, former correspondent, Financial Times

Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto


CES Family of Friends
Michael Frederiksen
Carl Friesen

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