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  • What It Takes

    Things a Canadian Police Officer Wants You to Know About His Job by

    A police officer pulls back the proverbial curtain on his profession to reveal its inner workings. After more than a decade in the police force, the author shares on-the-job insights and details of his training on how to deal with drug addiction, ...

  • Hope in the Ruins


    From São Paulo to Moscow, Kampala to Medellín, Ron Nikkel knows the anguish and hopelessness of people trapped in trouble. In places of civil conflict, extreme poverty, systemic injustice, and inhumane imprisonment he has come face to face not ...

  • Ten Ways to Detect and Detour Children From Gang Membership


    Children as young as nine can unwittingly become involved or associated with gangs and gang activity. Quite often, an uninformed and seemingly harmless choice quickly becomes a spiral into gang involvement and gun violence. Parents, grandparents, ...

  • Behind the Razor Ribbon

    A Correctional Officer’s Perspective by

    Life inside a Federal Penitentiary is a mystery to most people. Closely governed by rule and law, Federal Penitentiaries are nevertheless complex communities of people who live and work behind the razor ribbon that encircles them. Correctional ...

  • When Justice Fails

    Now I Lay Me Down My Heart by

    In 1997, George Henderson, who was staying in a homeless shelter, asked for the help of author, Dr. Bonnie Clark Douglass. George’s brother Paul Henderson, who was nicknamed “Poncho”, was only 17 when he went missing on Halloween night. Poncho's ...

  • Outlaw Principles


    IN A WORLD WHERE THE WEAK ARE PREYED UPON... ...crime goes unpunished and evil runs rampant in the streets, who will stand up to chaos and fight for justice? There is only one: an outlaw biker with dead set principles and dangerous methods that ...