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Ten Ways to Detect and Detour Children From Gang Membership
by Charles Anthony Dickerson

Children as young as nine can unwittingly become involved or associated with gangs and gang activity. Quite often, an uninformed and seemingly harmless choice quickly becomes a spiral into gang involvement and gun violence. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers often have no idea how to detect their children’s involvement in gang activity, and if they do, they don’t know what to do about it.

Learn the true politics of being a gang member. Stories and interviews with active, former, and retired gang members provide a realistic picture of what gang membership looks like, giving ample reasons to avoid it. Each chapter provides the tools and instruction to educate and help parents and caregivers choose and create a safer and healthier lifestyle—and future—for their children

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Charles Anthony Dickerson the Third is an active gang member who believes that being in a gang does not equate to being involved in criminality. He attended Tennessee State University, and is CEO of B.U.L.O.E. ENT His company’s name is an acronym that means,Best Using Literature for Outreach Education.

Dickerson is a widower, has a teenage son, and is a resident of the entire state of Tennessee.


Charles Anthony Dickerson
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