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  • Nine Paths to Wisdom

    Living a Fuller Life by

    This book describes how to refine our personal perspectives and perceptions, and how to use a deliberately structured approach to find our purpose and improve relationships. Following this approach and investing some time in the exercises and self ...

  • My Vibrant Life

    A forever journal capturing your life's journey by

    My Vibrant Life is a forever journal designed to capture your life story with stimulating questions and heartfelt prompts. Handwriting in the details of your life from birth to the golden years will help you discover your true self. This elegantly ...

  • The Freedom Journal

    Silencing the Critic to Free Yourself for Possibility by

    Everyone experiences self-doubt, but what do we do about it? The Freedom Journal: Silencing The Critic to Open Yourself to Possibility is a valuable resource for those who want to confront their inner and outer critics and learn the skills to put ...

  • Lessons From the Creek

    Insights on Life, Love and Higher Consciousness by

    Do you have a smouldering dissatisfaction with where you are on your personal journey? Are you plagued with self-doubt or insecurity? Have you heard all the talk about gratitude and “being present,” but you're unsure how to employ these abstract ...

  • Art-Making

    A Companion in Solitude by

    Many people turn to "The Arts" during periods of solitude, whether externally or internally imposed. They may have a deep-seated need, a passion, to make visual art statements. The letters are written to the reader/art-making companion to inspire ...

  • Know Me 100 Years From Now

    A Tool in Life, a Gift in Death and a Legacy to Live On by

    We all grieve when our loved ones die, and we so often wish we had talked to them more and learned more about them when we had them with us. You can use this book as a gift for your loved ones, to help them through their grief after you die. With ...

  • The Inspirations Of Wolf

    A Working Journal for Growth and Advanced ESL Readers by

    This book is about being rebuilt after a fire. A path I myself took to help me construct a solid foundation to leap from. Daily drops of inspirations that I hope you can use to self grow, learn, explore, and make your own! Combined with a way for ...

  • Visualize Believe Achieve

    A Thirty Day Journey to Live Your Life With A Smile by

    Visualize, believe and achieve to better mental health and happiness. Every day holds the promise of something positive, and there is something to be grateful for in every day, no matter how small. By responding to the prompts, writing daily ...

  • The Reflections Journal


    The Recovery Reflections Journal is a tool to be used to help establish a daily journaling practice. It encourages the use of writing, as well as art, to assist in making daily reflection a habit. Those in recovery from various mental health ...