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  • The Red Pill Book

    A Practical Guide To Living Your Best Life by

    If you wake up happily content, with love in your heart and grateful for the life you’ve been gifted, then you’re already as rich as it gets. However, for many of us today, despite our best efforts, we yearn for an inner peace and positivity that ...

  • The Exquisiteness of Being in the Present Moment

    A Mental Journey into Discovery by

    The purpose of this narrative is to share some of my experiences and the resulting insights that I have gained over many years of self-analysis. It specifically examines the distinct and unique feeling that sometimes occurs of existing or "being" ...

  • The Journey of an African Child

    The Inspirational Story of My Life by

    Many people have lost their way, focus, or direction due to unbearable life circumstances. There have been times in my life when I gave up hope and contemplated committing suicide. Sometimes, I barely survived challenges and regained hope to ...

  • More Than a Game

    What Minor, Junior, and University Hockey Taught Me About Life by

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of young players take to the ice, dreaming of a career in hockey, yet, only a few make it to the big leagues. A successful hockey career shouldn’t be defined by championships won, records broken, or contracts ...

  • The Sassy Investor

    Investment Workbook by

    A beginner’s guide to step-by-step investing for all the sassy females who’ve ever wanted to take control of their finances! From penny-pinchers to free-(spirited!) spenders, this fun and engaging activity workbook allows women from all educational ...

  • Living Your Purpose

    The Heart of NLP by

    Living Your Purpose walks readers through the five principles at the heart of NLP. Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is the study of how people make change on purpose. In applying NLP to your own life, you simply assume that you have what you need ...

  • Game Changer

    How to Love with Your Head Instead of Your Heart by

    Stop living on autopilot in your relationships and become captain of your own ship, then you can experience the authentic, long lasting, and monogamous relationship you deserve. This book is full of practical exercises to help you transform and ...

  • Being Joy

    A 40-day program to heal your life and change the world by

    Being Joy™ is a comprehensive 40-day program for adults of all ages who may be feeling that something is missing in their lives. Perhaps they don't feel the same passion for what they do anymore or who they are. Or they may feel overwhelmed with ...

  • The Space Between

    Discussions With My Grandchildren On Navigating Life by

    Rarely does an inspirational book come along that touches both the heart and the soul while delving deeply into the workings of humanity. The Space Between is a book about life. It challenges the reader to look at life from a different perspective; ...