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  • Keywords
    • Self-Help,
    • Memoir,
    • PTSD,
    • Surviving rape,
    • Child abuse,
    • Mindfulness,
    • Positive Action

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I Empower
A Heal Kit Initiative for PTSD
by Roe Gabriel

Healing is really not about overcoming all your challenges to lead a happy life; it is really to be happy with the life you are leading with all its complications. This is an important distinction. I used to strive to be better, stronger, happier, then I realised that I already had all the answers within me. Traumas had long since past, however the residue lingered. It wasn’t until my 43rd year that I realised the only fight going on was within myself. I was not at war with the world, just with me. I found a way to step out of the darkness and live freely for the first time and it took all of my 43 and a half years to do so, infact it took a little while to put it all into practice. I am now 48: I am strong; I am empowered and living an awesome life; but it doesn’t need to take that long. I am sharing my story, my trials and tribulations so that others don’t need to take so long to find their voice, their place in the world and their validity.

The E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Movement is an impactful story; a true story of courage and the will to live and overcome horrendous challenges. It’s Roe’s story, through which she created the E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Movement. Whether you, or someone close to you, have had trauma in your life, or are dealing with demons from your past, I highly recommend you take the plunge and read this book. It’s not a ‘want to read’ book…it’s a ‘must read’ book for those who have suffered trauma and want to heal. Join the E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Movement today! - Karen Eastwood Vice President of Operations of Fiore Group Training and author of "All These Years." (Carol K Murray)

Roe is an empowered 48 year old woman survivor of horrific trauma. She lives a happy life in the beautiful North Shore mountains of North Vancouver Canada. Although these two things seem incongruent, they are actually perfectly balanced in her life. . . .now. She is a well respected Senior Manager for a wholesale furniture company, and she lives a regular life with her dog. This has been her goal for 40 something years, just to live a regular life. Her life has been full of trauma related healing, and now she is beginning a new chapter; the chapter of sharing her story with others who may benefit from her unique perspective from within the community of those with PTSD and depression and related mental illness. She is not a trained therapist or counsellor however she has a story to tell of how she struggled through life to get to this point of peace; what steps she took to achieve this normalcy. Her best asset is her sense of humour even in the darkest moments of her life there was always a glimmer of spirit that kept her going through the tough years. About her healing she says "when I wanted to heal I had to ask myself 'Do I want to go with the choice that supports my goal of healing? Or do I support that which continues to victimise me?' Then my revelations started to become transformative rather than just bouncing back to depression and anxiety. Trauma will happen, the important question isn’t "why me?" It’s "what are you going to do about it?"


Roe Gabriel

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