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  • I'm Just Sayin'

    A Book of Sayings You May Have Heard or Even Thought by

    Children and adults will enjoy reading, relaxing, and even having a thought-provoking experience. If they are facing challenges in life this book may help to inspire them to overcome those challenges to accomplish goals they never thought ...

  • The Flight Of The Phoenix

    Living Forward by

    Imagine living a life without regret; a life that, once concluded, your legacy has been forever imprinted upon the wet concrete of life. The Flight of the Phoenix is a look into a compilation of journeys that we will all inevitably embark upon ...

  • The Exquisiteness of Being in the Present Moment

    A Mental Journey into Discovery by

    The purpose of this narrative is to share some of my experiences and the resulting insights that I have gained over many years of self-analysis. It specifically examines the distinct and unique feeling that sometimes occurs of existing or "being" ...

  • Being Joy

    A 40-day program to heal your life and change the world by

    Being Joy™ is a comprehensive 40-day program for adults of all ages who may be feeling that something is missing in their lives. Perhaps they don't feel the same passion for what they do anymore or who they are. Or they may feel overwhelmed with ...

  • The Space Between

    Discussions With My Grandchildren On Navigating Life by

    Rarely does an inspirational book come along that touches both the heart and the soul while delving deeply into the workings of humanity. The Space Between is a book about life. It challenges the reader to look at life from a different perspective; ...

  • Traveling Light

    A Self Reflective Journey by

    On this journey of discovery, we strive to understand what motivates us while exploring our true personalities. We reflect on situations that have brought about our greatest learning. It is within these answers that we discover our own ...

  • Born in Fear

    You have the power to transform your wounds to wisdom by

    Suicide, addiction, abuse, drugs, alcohol, and violence can destroy individuals, families, and communities. Through years of working with people who aspired to change their lives, Richard developed approaches and techniques to assist in the ...

  • 1001 Doors

    Book One by

    1001 DOORS is a book of thoughts, feelings, ideas and anecdotes, with some practical instruction. It is an exploration of the deeper human spirit, and the current challenges that spirit faces. According to the author, there is a new paradigm afoot ...

  • Big Dream Don't Just Happens

    Challenge the Status Quo. Re-new Your Mind. Re-envision Your Future. Re-define Your Goals. by

    In Big Dreams Don’t Just Happen, Organizational Leadership Strategist and Coach, Avril Riley shares personal stories of failures and victories, and believing in one’s power to adapt to the rapidly shifting conditions of the contemporary world. She ...