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biography, personal memoir, codependency, narcissistic personality disorder, relationship psychology, abusive relationships, relationship self help

Learn Grow Go
An Account of Narcissistic Abuse and the Road Out
by Mrs. O. Boy

“Narcissists cannot love you,” writes Mrs. O. Boy, “because they do not love themselves.” With insight, openness, and honesty comes one woman’s story of how she survived an abusive, codependent relationship with a narcissist. Learn, Grow, Go is an informative and instructive memoir and a healing touchstone for anyone who has suffered or is currently suffering toxic, narcissistic abuse within an intimate partner relationship.

Due to the insidious nature of narcissistic abuse, it can be difficult to recognize or explain. Mrs. O. Boy seeks to enlighten and validate fellow sufferers by detailing her experience: her partner’s rage reactions, her own learned behaviour from past relationships which contributed to the dynamic, and how she began to recognize this abuse, pull herself from the depths of despair, and leave the relationship. Learn, Grow, Go is also a sociological and psychological inquiry into narcissistic personality disorder—what it is, how it originates, and how it manifests—weaving personal narrative with interdisciplinary scholarship.

Meticulously researched and thoughtfully presented, this book offers a compelling, compassionate, and articulate guide for victims of narcissistic abuse, illustrating what they need to do to stay safe and ultimately learn, grow, and go.

Mrs.O.Boy has worked as a nurse in acute care psychiatry for over two decades. She is a certified Trauma informed narcissistic abuse coach, a hypnotherapist (trained at the U of T) and also trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy. She is also a first responder for the Canadian Womens Foundation. Learn, Grow, Go is her first book.

She now resides somewhere in Canada with a furry companion. Her genuine people never far.


Mrs. O. Boy

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