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  • The Theory of One

    Realizing the Dream of a Final Theory by

    Christopher Bek has produced a revolutionary physics theory and claims that this theory of one (2001) solves the greatest scientific problem of all time by uniting relativity theory (1905) with quantum theory (1925). According to Bek, it proves ...

  • Everything I Need to Know About Electricity....Well Almost

    An Introduction to the Science and Engineering of Electricity in the Digital Information Age by

    The subject of electricity is explored through a young person with a thirst for knowledge. The heart of the digital information age involving computers, Internet, smart phones, jump drives, music, video and cameras is seen through the eyes of a ...

  • Taking into Account the Extraordinary


    Extraordinary science, according to Thomas Kuhn, is about the unexpected in science. While it eventually generates a new paradigm, it often starts out with an unexplained fact. The problem for the scientific community is how to deal with unexpected ...

  • Electromagnetism in Stars Light

    Returning to Earth Again Interacting by

    Within the wealth of information available this book presents electromagnetic wavelengths, their interaction and travel paths. Included are wavelength processes between and on stars, sun, moon and earth with natural color drawings their shapes ...

  • Understanding Surfaces


    An intriguing appreciation of surfaces all around us and what they make possible in our world is presented here. Basic mathematical concepts present the role of surface and volume in everyday life through an abundance of examples of application ...

  • Not Just Another Theory

    A “Single” Complete Theory of Nature by

    Something is deeply wrong with the field of physics and how it informs our understanding of the natural world. Despite years of effort, the theories of Einstein cannot be reconciled with our current approach to the strange effects we measure at the ...

  • Perspectives

    The Evolution of the Cosmos, Life, Humans, Culture and Religion and a Look into the Future by

    From the first seconds Following the Big Bang, to our best guesses for the fate of the universe and humanity, science provides stunning new perspectives about the place of humanity in the cosmos. Humans may live on one planet in one small corner of ...

  • DNA of Mathematics


    For Dr. Basti, the explanation is straightforward though not simple: “Just as cells have dna, so mathematics has DNA in its structure.” After years of research, he decided that his work had to contain a strong philosophical justification in order ...