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  • O Décimo Quarto Mandamento

    Chaves Para se Tornar Totalmente Livre e Integro de Fato by

    ESPIRITUALIDADE Encontrar o equilíbrio nestes tempos perigosos e confusos pode ser uma dura batalha. Muitos tentam viver uma vida normal e tranquila, mas, a cada passo dado na intenção de encontrar normalidade, paz e conforto, acontecem também ...

  • Say When

    Releasing the Miraculous Power of Your Faith by

    Say When was birthed out of the supernatural power of God. While in New York doing mission work, Danny Nunn Sr. received a visit from the Spirit of God. God showed him Habakkuk 2:2 and told him to write the vision and make it plain so that the ...

  • Encouraging Devotional Connections


    This devotional is for everyone. It was written with a pure heart for those that need encouragement, joy, peace, and most important a connection with their spiritual guide. That was its first intention and the last objective as it entered ...

  • The Fourteenth Commandment

    Keys to Becoming Completely Free and Whole Indeed by

    Finding one’s feet in these perilous and confusing times can be a hard-fought battle. Many try to live normal and quiet existences, but with every step made towards finding normalcy, peace, and comfort, very confusing and inexplicable events and ...

  • I Am


    This is one woman’s story of coming to Christ. Ann Holly Roy (nee Glendenning) was born on Christmas Day in 1961 in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada. She’s a businesswoman who travelled to many diverse places, seeking answers to the question, “Why ...

  • The Naked Truth Unveiled


    What are the odds... - those who preach righteousness are not right? - today's Christians are not followers of Christ? - biblical truth, as it is known today, cannot be trusted? Before the enemy's damnation to earth he held a place in heaven as the ...

  • Eternal Miscalculation


    Sidney has lived life as a Christian since 1977. Lived a life dedicated to serving with humilitly and dedication to a God that he has come to love, with an angels kindness. God repaid his debt with deception and disruption. Until his life became ...

  • You Are a 10 According to Jesus


    From the very beginning, God created and equipped us to be in His presence. We were His final and most prized of all creation He spoke into existence. Many times, we have failed to realize this position and the importance He placed on us. This ...

  • Death of a Sorcerer


    This is one man's supernatural experience with the dark spiritual world. It documents Martin Decker's experience with the forces of light, how and why he became a sorcerer, and his struggle for redemption.

  • The Soul Doctrine


    Joe Thomas wants to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Baptist pastor, but finds minefields in controlling his fleshly passions and struggles to follow the path into spiritual maturity. Follow Joe’s journey through high school, learning to be a ...