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Church theory, end times, meaning of holiness, holy visions, Body of Christ, historical Christianity, faith reflections

The Naked Truth Unveiled
by C.E. Young

What are the odds...

- those who preach righteousness are not right?

- today's Christians are not followers of Christ?

- biblical truth, as it is known today, cannot be trusted?

Before the enemy's damnation to earth he held a place in heaven as the covering of God. The name given to Lucifer by God Himself, covering cherub, holds truth many believers have not heard. Insight into the reasons for Satan's fall from grace foreshadows the impending future of the Christian church.

Hidden in the account of a vision, told by Ezekiel, a prophet of old, is the beginning of an untaught truth about coverings unquestionably tethered to the Christian faith. Peculiarly embedded in scripture from Genesis to Revelation, even those who lay claim to an absolute, gospel truth, will find this uncovered teaching hard to deny.

Presented in simplistic format, with supporting scriptures, The Naked Truth Unveiled unleashes never heard before truths found in the Bible. Each chapter builds on the next leading to an ultimate, unmistakable revelation that will change what believers believe.

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Charlotte Young is a full-time teacher, a part-time tutor and a recreational athlete. Along with her passion for teaching she loves to write and study languages, specifically Hebrew and Greek. She writes Spoken Word poetry and is currently working on her next book that challenges beliefs held by Christians about the end times. Young resides in Nova Scotia, Canada with her daughter.


C.E. Young

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