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  • Frauds and Bankruptcies


    A history of corruption and mismanagement plagues Linwood Bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Human Resources office had decided that ex Army Officers and CRA officers would be good Official Receivers. Their skills did not match the requirements. This caused ...

  • China Is Not Our Enemy

    Understanding China In Context To Create A More Harmonious World by

    In a time where the USA seems frantic to maintain their world domination by funding a crusade for democracy, it is easy to paint China as an enemy that needs to be kept in check. But is world domination the right goal? What about world peace and ...

  • Real House Lives

    Former Members of Parliament on How to Reclaim Democratic Leadership by

    “We’re not just in a sort of post-truth politics, but we’re in a post-democratic politics.” – Former Member of Parliament Democracy’s future has become uncertain. Politicians are viewed with deep cynicism. Political parties have lost touch with ...

  • The Trumping of America

    A Wake Up Call to the Free World by

    Trump alone is not to blame… How does it reflect on North American societal values when wealth trumps humanity, selfish individualism trumps compassion, the need to be entertained and to win trumps the truth, and racism and misogyny are rewarded ...

  • Plain Talking the Federalist


    Plain Talking the Federalist expresses the Federalist authors in a clearer and more concise rendition. Eighteenth Century language has changed over the years, which changes meanings if you use the same words with different definitions. This ...

  • Life in the Marble Palace

    In Praise of Folly by

    As a 24 year former member of the United States Congress, Mr. Stearns describes the lessons he learned from getting elected and re-elected, his experience as a legislator and finally the lessons he learned about our Republic. These lessons go to the ...

  • Serving With Pride in the Public Eye

    A Story About Striving for Success in Local Government by

    This book is about the difficulty of serving in local government. It’s about finding meaning in public service and developing a deep sense of pride in making a difference to the well being of our communities. I wrote this book to provide hope and ...

  • Reviving Canadian Democracy


    The Downward Spiral of Canadian Democracy Democratic government in Canada has been declining – at an accelerating rate. The House of Commons is ineffective. The Senate is not accountable and is scandal-ridden. Decision making is increasingly ...

  • Governing Toronto: Bringing back the city that worked


    In stark contrast to the dysfunctional megacity of today, The Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto was a city that worked. Some refer to this period from 1954 to 1998 as Toronto’s “Golden Age”. This book traces the growth and governance of the city ...