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Asian American Studies, Chinese Culture, Chinese History, China vs the West, Eastern Philosophy, International Relations, World Harmony

China Is Not Our Enemy
Understanding China In Context To Create A More Harmonious World
by Tai P. Ng

In a time where the USA seems frantic to maintain their world domination by funding a crusade for democracy, it is easy to paint China as an enemy that needs to be kept in check. But is world domination the right goal? What about world peace and harmony for all people? The greatest challenges facing humanity now are global in nature, crossing countries and cultures. The world doesn’t need another religious or ideological battle such as democracy vs communism. It needs all the citizens of our world, but in particular our world leaders and advisors, to truly lead in building empathy and mutual trust, promoting cooperation over competition for the benefit of all humanity.

As such, a greater understanding of China is no longer optional in our global village. It is necessary if we want to tackle global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, or face critical world issues such as climate change, world peace, and collaborative governance. As China returns to its original path and reinstates itself as one of the key world leaders, it demands to be treated with respect and as an equal. China is not our enemy. Their Confucian roots are strongly grounded in building harmonious human relationships, and we in the West must build our empathy and knowledge so we can see more shades of grey in this complicated world. We all share this planet and its future destiny together, and confrontational Western thinking will only lead to war.

This macroscopic view of Chinese civilization and cultural development will help Western educated readers better interpret world events through a broader and deeper understanding of:

∙ Chinese ways of thinking and behaving

∙ China’s historical trajectory and trends

∙ Current developments and the context behind and around them

The authors suggest that we need to view the Chinese way as complementary instead of focusing on the differences. We should spend our energy and resources improving our world instead of minimizing others to maintain superiority. Each of us can change the world for the better. Let’s replace “us versus them” thinking with more “we” and more trust, as mutual understanding and tolerance will enable all of us as humans on Earth to live in greater harmony with each other, and with ourselves.

TAI P. NG is a Ph.D Geophysicist born in Hong Kong who studied, worked, and lived throughout Australia, the United States, and Canada for over 65 years. Wah-Won Ng is a Canadian-born tech executive and advisor, culture and company builder who endeavors to share her father’s lifelong passion and insights into Chinese culture and history with a wider audience. Together they dream of a more harmonious and cooperative world.


Tai P. Ng
Wah-Won Ng

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