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Reviving Canadian Democracy
by C. Richard Tindal

The Downward Spiral

of Canadian Democracy

Democratic government in Canada has been declining – at an accelerating rate. The House of Commons is ineffective. The Senate is not accountable and is scandal-ridden. Decision making is increasingly centralized in the largely invisible staff in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Many who have been active participants have turned off and tuned out because of understandable disillusionment. The result is that actions that undermine democracy can now be taken without much fear of reprisal.

This book explains how our democratic governing machinery and operating principles have been undermined and what can be done to reverse this downward slide. It is intended to enrage you and then engage you – in the fight to restore and to enhance our democratic institutions and practices.

C. Richard Tindal, Ph.D, has been teaching, researching, writing, and consulting in the field of government for close to 50 years. He is the author of several text books including A Citizen’s Guide to Government, a text that was widely used in College courses and elsewhere through three editions. He writes from his home in Kingston, Ontario.


C. Richard Tindal

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