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  • ... and Love flew near

    translated from Slovak by Marcela Greer by

    Milan Vinco Částa’s anthology ...and Love flew near has a special place in Slovak poetry. His poetry is not part of any trend. It could belong, perhaps, to spiritual poetry with its powerful emotional charge, in which love is the centre. These ...

  • Epiphany

    A Collection of Poems by

    Epiphany is a collection of poems that ranges in complexity while examining and revealing the depth of the human psyche from a contemporary, romantic, abstract, surrealist, erotic and natural position. The author applies both cold realism and ...

  • Thoughts & Tales of a Tow Boater


    This is the first poetry book published by R.W. Daniel about Towboating off British Columbia’s West Coast. R.W. Daniel has worked in the Towboat Industry for the past thirty years. The poems cover a variety of topics, some dealing with Towboating, ...

  • In Search of Shared Wishes


    “Why do walls extend as far as a prisoner escapes? How do wars mirror free will?” These are some of the key questions that Mansour Noorbakhsh asks us in his debut poetry book, In Search of Shared Wishes. Dedicated to the child victims of war, this ...

  • Quest For Indium


    In far-off lands so long ago…. Venture into a time of brave knights and noble kings, where fierce dragons fly over once-peaceful lands and war is waged by greedy men. It will take a hero’s courage to rule over evil and return peace to fair Indium. ...