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Contemporary Poetry, Women, Abstract, Love, Psychological, Sexuality, Nature

A Collection of Poems by V.S. Atbay

Epiphany is a collection of poems that ranges in complexity while examining and revealing the depth of the human psyche from a contemporary, romantic, abstract, surrealist, erotic and natural position. The author applies both cold realism and idealism within a broad range of themes such as life and death, light and darkness, politics and society, women and nature, love and sorrow, ecstasy and longing, and war and revolution. The author writes from both a male and female voice and applies the frequent use of free verse, personification and figurative metaphors to evoke the many layers of emotions, ideas and private experiences that are hidden and woven in the human sub-conscience, allowing the reader to naturally reach introspection, or perhaps, even their own ”Epiphany.” The collection of poems are a mixture of exciting contradictions written from a passionate, subtle, raw yet honest voice.

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It wasn’t escaping death, the sound of AK -47’s or a war torn country that evoked a sense of deep purpose in her life, but the courage that was embedded in her soul to live passionately. V.S. Atbay (Valerie Sahar Atbay) was born at home in Kandahar in 1982 during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Her mother with a background in the field of education and her father a respected member of the Afghan military, had no choice but to resign from their careers in order to avoid persecution. At the age of two, Atbay and her family (originally from Kabul) escaped as refuges and journeyed for seven days through deadly mountainous terrains after being held hostage for two nights by a local rebel. With some luck, she and her family escaped to a nearby safety camp near Peshawar in Pakistan. Atbay and her parents then traveled to Iran, lived in New Delhi India and then immigrated to Toronto, Ontario in 1987 at the age of five. At a young age of thirteen she started to write poetry. Atbay graduated from University of Toronto with a degree in English Literature and Political Science. She is currently studying law and continues to write poetry... passionately.



V.S. Atbay

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