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Evolution, Evolution of sex roles, Gender through history, Historical sex roles, History of gender, Studies of misogyny, Studies of sexism

How have men and women’s social roles differed throughout history? What distinguishes them biologically—and what makes them the same? And why is it that the world over, throughout history, female self-expression and liberty have been curtailed?

In this one-of-a-kind work of creative non-fiction, author Mercia Jensen-Stickney posits a theory of the social evolution of women’s place in the world, showing how the answers to these questions are inextricably bound up with one another. Jensen-Stickney considers everything from mammalian mating patterns to the story of Eve, from gender relations in hunter-gatherer societies to the sexual revolution of the American 1960s, leaving no stone unturned in her account of the inhibition of female self-determination across space and time.

Both scientific and historic in its interests, Sapien delivers a condensed, penetrating account of women’s situation from prehistory through to the present—and a counter-theory for the inherent value of women’s knowledge, given the uniquely irreplaceable role they have always played in society. It is a must-read for any woman curious about her situation in the world.

Author Mercia Jensen-Stickney was inspired to write this, her first book, by her own personal experiences as a woman and her observations of women’s situation in the many different cultures she lived amongst while travelling for her husband’s work when she was younger. As the product of decades of reflection, including of her active time in the feminist movements of the 1970s and ’80s, Jensen-Stickney hopes Sapien will help other women consider their knowledge and aspirations and propel forward their rightful place in society.

She lives with her family in Delta, BC.


Mercia Jensen Stickney

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