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  • AreaK9

    How to thrive with your dog by

    AreaK9 is about dogs, how they perceive the world—which is totally different from the way humans do—and how they communicate with each other. Understanding “dog speak” provides great insights into what a dog is feeling and thinking at any point in ...

  • Lucky's Way

    Turn Your A**hole Dog into an Asset by

    Part memoir, part dog-training guide, Lucky’s Way offers practical, straightforward advice for training dogs alongside stories from the author’s life and the many dogs who have been part of it. With humour and candour, Brenda Boemer-Groenestege ...

  • The Art of Urban People With Adopted and Rescued Dogs Methodology


    "The Art of UPWARD Methodology" is a reaction to the insanity that has taken over the dog-world. "The Art of UPWARD Methodology" clears our minds, allowing us to see our urban world through the eyes of rescued dogs. Billie Groom shares her ...

  • Balanced Training

    Obedience for Dogs and Their Owners by

    Would you say your dog listens to you well? Does she come when you call her? Does he stay when you tell him to? Are you worried about his safety when you're out walking? Are you worried about YOUR safety when you're out walking (especially on ...

  • Lost Dogs

    The rupture of a 14 thousand year relationship with man's best friend by

    Humans and dogs have enjoyed a unique relationship for thousands of years. Yet, just in the last few generations, something has changed. For canine consultant Christopher Nicolov many humans have begun to disrespect the dog's nature. A kind of ...

  • Benjamin

    A loving story about a family and their dog and his lasting impact on the animal kingdom by

    “Our task must be to free ourselves … by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” - Albert Einstein As all dog lovers know, a pet dog’s main purpose in life is to give its owners ...

  • Bike With Your Dog

    How to Stay Safe and Have Fun by

    Bike With Your Dog tells dog lovers how to safely bike with their dogs and have fun at the same time. For many high-energy dogs, a walk on the leash is simply not enough. Dogs love to run and biking enables them to get the exercise they need. This ...

  • Diamonds in the Ruff


    “If you’re expecting a manual on how to raise the perfect well-adjusted pack member, may I refer you to anything by Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, because - believe me - this isn’t it!” And with that confession, Johnson embarks on a hilarious ...