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police dogs, canine unit, dog training, memoir, drug enforcement, sniffer dogs, animal welfare

The Trials and Tribulations
by Kurt F. Suss

Dogs have been integrated into human society since before recorded history and have played important roles as hunters, protectors, guides, and most of all, companions. No one knows this better than Kurt F. Suss, a professional trainer and life-long dog lover.

These stories look at the many ways dogs have affected his life, from memories of his grandfather’s beloved spaniel through his four decades training professional animals. He has worked with tracking and search dogs, narcotics dogs, and family dogs in need of a nudge in the right direction. Collected here are the lessons he’s learned along the way, including training tips, hilarious adventures, and memories of the pups that have become family. This book is an offering to anyone with a love of dogs and everything they do to make our lives better.

Kurt F. Suss is an author and trainer with over forty years of experience working with dogs. He has trained thousands of animals through a range of agencies, departments, and companies, and delivered hundreds of courses. He lives with his dogs near Hastings, Ontario.


Kurt F. Suss

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