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    • Dog training,
    • puppy training,
    • canine training,
    • dog handling,
    • competition,
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Balanced Training
Obedience for Dogs and Their Owners
by Barry Gay

Would you say your dog listens to you well? Does she come when you call her? Does he stay when you tell him to? Are you worried about his safety when you're out walking? Are you worried about YOUR safety when you're out walking (especially on ice)? This book will take you step by step through the education of your dog on these behaviors and many, many more. You can prepare your dog for success in obedience competitions if that is your goal; all the information and training techniques you will need are included. It's time to get your dog trained! Read on!

1. Barry Gay's athletic skills and his insights into dog behavior ‎struck me immediately. In a single short session he permanently modified my dog's serious aggression. Her quality of life improved immensely. Mine too. Barry's teaching skills are equally exceptional. He reveals his dog and people secrets in his first book. Sean Hemmingsen, PhD, Genetics, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Dog breeder and trainer 2. This book describes in detail how to train any dog. The techniques described are proven winners, and have been successfully used to train thousands of dogs over the years. These techniques will help your dog to reach its full potential. Whether your goal is to win obedience trials or to just have a well trained family pet, read, learn, and apply! Paul McCaughey, PhD, Agriculture, dog trainer.

Barry Gay has worked with and trained dogs for the last forty years. He operates an obedience school characterized by highly successful students who have insisted that he write this book before he retires and forgets how! Both he and his wife Cathy, have represented Canada in the sport of Schutzhund (tracking, protection, and yes, obedience). He has trained narcotic detection dogs, prepared and supplied police service dogs from their Sunshadows German Shepherd line. He coaches and provides relief to stressed dog owners who have almost given up on the 'impossible' behavior problems they face. He presides over the instruction at his busy school, Buena Vista Training Systems. This book describes his curriculum and the approaches that lead to happy, fast, accurate, high scoring obedience dogs...and their proud owners.


Barry Gay

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