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The Art of Urban People With Adopted and Rescued Dogs Methodology
Rescued Dogs: The Misunderstood Breed
by Billie Groom

“The Art of UPWARD Methodology: Rescued Dogs, The Misunderstood Breed” is a thought provoking journey into the world of dog rescue, rehabilitation, and canine behavior. The companion animal world has experienced enormous changes over the last three decades, yet has remained disappointingly stagnant, and, in some ways, regressed. Ego, rules, gadgets, gimmicks, fear of disrupting the status-quo, and the perceived need for dominance, has created a society void of logic, struggling to meet the needs of dogs with disadvantaged and checkered pasts. Billie openly shares her experiences and knowledge, in a straight-forward and often humorous manner, acquired over three decades of working with dogs, rescuers, fosters, adopters, and industry experts. She describes how dogs think, learn, process, and absorb our urban world, compared to that of puppies, and explains, without judgement, the inherent limitations of conventional training methods. Billie, then, introduces us to UPWARD Dogology, a formula grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and scientifically proven to address behaviors associated with the adolescent stage, adopted dogs, aggression, and anxiety. Billie is the expert in Canine CBT, a methodology designed to recognize pre-established thought patterns, respect emotions, harness cognitive abilities, and embrace the human-animal bond. To successfully integrate rescued dogs into our lives, eliminate aversive methods, and prevent behavioral euthanasia and surrender, it is urgent industry leaders open their minds to incorporating UPWARD Dogology (CCBT), alongside other non-aversive, effective methods, into mainstream dog education.

Billie is an animal advocate dedicated to keeping dogs out of shelters and off the euthanasia table. In the early 1990’s she began rescuing dogs over the age of six months, providing her with a knowledge of dog behaviour and an insight into the world of dog-rescue which cannot be achieved through conventional learning. She owned one of the first daycare and boarding businesses in Toronto, Canada, which she sold to focus on learning, through handson application, how to effectively work with dogs deemed challenging or slated for death due to behavioral reasons. She was awarded by the Toronto Humane Society and recognized by the Stoney Creek Animal Control, and, over the years, has helped rescue organizations worldwide. Over the course of her three-decade journey, Billie has worked with street dogs, community dogs, and dogs with unknown checkered pasts from Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Panama, Thailand, Spain (Galgos), and China, as well as dogs rescued from the Yulin Festival, dog fighting rings, backyard breeders, and death-row. She also works with dogs with no history of abuse or neglect to keep them out of the system and in good homes. Her success in rehabilitating dogs with aggression and anxiety, and addressing behaviors associated with adolescent, adult, and adopted dogs, led to the creation of UPWARD™ Dogology, a scientifically proven system adhering to the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. As a successful behaviorist, Billie’s clients include veterinarians, animal experts, scientists, experts in cognitive behavioral therapy, rescuers, fosters, industry professionals, and dog lovers with all levels of experience. UPWARD is an acronym for Urban People With Adopted and Rescued Dogs, and Billie credits UPWARD™ Dogology for saving the lives of thousands of dogs. Billie is dedicated to spreading awareness on the urgency of incorporating UPWARD™ Dogology into mainstream dog rearing, along side other non-aversive, effective methodologies. Billie is the author of an award-winning book, is published in Ruff Drafts Magazine, and is the creator and host of her podcast, Dog Training DisrUPted, Upward Dogology. She was a guest speaker at the University of Regina, Animals in Society Program, has made numerous television appearances, been interviewed on radio shows and podcasts, and is featured in newspapers and magazines. She is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, Comparative Cognition Society, and the Animal Behavior Society. Billie is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, and currently resides in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada with her senior dog from Costa Rica and a Mexi-rescue.


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