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For The Love of Nature
by Martin C Dodge

For the Love of Nature is an intimate collection of essays written by a man whose love of nature dates back to his earliest days. These travel stories span a range of global ecosystems, with an emphasis on Alaska, a site of great delight for the author. Here is a love letter to the natural world that begins around the ponds, forests, and meadows of a childhood and journeys through a lifelong career as an educator keen on sharing not only passion for the living parts of our planet, but respect and knowledge, as well.

Marty Dodge focuses on situations where he had the opportunity to share his informed appreciation for the complexity and beauty of actual places. He describes adventures where, as a college instructor, he led student groups through the Florida Everglades, Costa Rica, Belize, and Alaska. And his adventures didn’t stop when his working life did; Dodge’s post-retirement travel was just as vigorous, and his documented tributes include spirited descriptions of visits to Nepal, Chile, the western United States, and, as ever, his adored Alaska.

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Marty Dodge has always yearned to be outside exploring plants, animals, and their terrestrial and aquatic environments. As a Boy Scout and junior leader and a tripping counselor for a boys’ camp during his four college summers, he found significant joy in sharing outdoor experiences with others. As a college professor of natural resources conservation for thirty-nine years, his most cherished activities included leading hundreds of weekend outings to the New York Adirondack State Park; dozens of two-week travel ecology courses to the Florida Everglades, Costa Rica, and Belize; and fourteen-month-long credit-bearing courses during the summer to Alaska. As the coach of a collegiate woodsmen team, he developed competitive skills with axes, saws, canoes, and the range of woodsmen tools.

Dodge lives by himself in a modest home near the top of one of the Bristol Hills that overlooks Canandaigua Lake, New York. His home is surrounded by forests and meadows that obscure any view of his nearest neighbors—and he likes it that way.


Martin C Dodge

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