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  • On My Way to School


    Every day, Shawn walks to and from school through his friendly, multicultural neighbourhood. Along the way, he stops to talk with the people in his world. Through his curious and sensitive nature, Shawn comes to understand their hardships, ...

  • The Small Creatures of the Universe

    Turtle and the Bee by

    Elle Bee is a refugee who flees her family when the hive is attacked by hornets. With her closest comrades, Elle Bee settles into a new life, a new hive, and a new land full of different creatures. Near the hive lives the turtle population, and one ...

  • ¡Hola!


    Javi, a passionate Jalapeño introduces some of his "compadres" (friends) many of whom have emigrated from various countries. Javi's friends tell about their experiences and share fascinating stories which Javi uses to promote cultural awareness and ...

  • Gordo and Chico

    An Unexpected Friendship by

    When Gordo, a gopher—or so he thinks—embarks on an epic journey to the National Park to flee the destruction of his home, he is joined by his newfound friend Chico, a feisty caterpillar, who is en route to Mexico to find his long-lost family. ...

  • Leaving Aleppo


    Aleppo is one of the oldest cities in the world, and before the war it was full of life and colour. Leaving Aleppo was written as an effort to bring about awareness and contribute to international efforts that aid Syrian children and their ...

  • The Railroad Adventures of Chen Sing


    Experience the action packed adventures of Chen Sing, a teenage boy from China, who ventures far across the world to help build the transcontinental railway through the rugged Rocky Mountains. Natural disasters, wild animals and unforeseen events ...

  • Under the Night Sky


    This is a book about family, love, determination, courage, bravery, hope and inspiration. It teaches children the power of appreciating things in life that no one should take for granted, (home, warmth, food, love and safety).

  • Dawn Over the Moon

    The Invention of the Flying Car by

    When Tamara and her kids Sami and Sama move to Canada, they don’t just find a new home – they find the future! In their adopted city of Eden, anything is possible, including flying cars. Soon the three are off on a round-the-world adventure in ...