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Talking animals, Adventure, Migration, Immigration, Humour, Friendship, Nature

Gordo and Chico
An Unexpected Friendship
by Elizabeth Hope

When Gordo, a gopher—or so he thinks—embarks on an epic journey to the National Park to flee the destruction of his home, he is joined by his newfound friend Chico, a feisty caterpillar, who is en route to Mexico to find his long-lost family.

Along the way, they encounter odd creatures, make new friends, and escape from all sorts of dangers. And in the end, they make the greatest discovery of all, that their friendship is beyond appearances and comes straight from their hearts.

“A story filled with characters sure to please young readers looking for adventure, the importance of friendship, and little surprises along the way.” –Dennis Staginnus, author of The Raiders of Folklore series

“Gordo and Chico is a heartwarming story of family and friendship that emphasizes the importance of love first, above all else. Sure to entertain and delight!” –Jennifer Sommersby, author of Sleight

“Elizabeth Hope has created two memorable characters, and taken us on their adventures in search of a new home. Her story is bright, positive, and endearing, and she leaves us wanting more.” –Terry Leeder, former editor at Macmillan Canada

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Elizabeth Hope is a first generation Canadian from Belgian descent. She has travelled throughout Canada and lived in many of its cities, and finally put down her roots on a little ranch just outside Edmonton, Alberta, where she lives with her husband of twenty-plus years.

Ever since she was a child, Elizabeth has been a great animal lover and story teller. And now that she lives on a ranch, this keen observer has boundless opportunities to create stories about the animals she encounters and their quirky personalities.

Gordo and Chico: An Unexpected Friendship is the first book in the Gordo series.

Watch for book two, coming soon: Gordo and Vinny: The Search for Chico


Elizabeth Hope

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