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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Refugee, Interspecies, Friendship, Honeybees, Turtles, Homesick, Battle

The Small Creatures of the Universe
Turtle and the Bee
by Leita H. Saysombath

Elle Bee is a refugee who flees her family when the hive is attacked by hornets. With her closest comrades, Elle Bee settles into a new life, a new hive, and a new land full of different creatures. Near the hive lives the turtle population, and one day she meets Tutlin the Turtle, a slow and clumsy turtle who seeks acceptance from his family and has narcolepsy.

Together, the two friends explore the land around them, participate in warrior training, and develop an unexpected friendship. Part of the Small Creatures of the Universe series, Turtle and the Bee is a unique, powerful story about being a refugee through the eyes of a young bee.

Imagination has no bounds and the colour of belief is supported by the beauty we hold inside ourselves. Believe in nothing and nothing will believe in you. I have fallen from grace countless times and from my own indifference I turned the impossible to something possible in its essence. Be kind to yourself and love your imperfections because you are the only one that can feel the sun of heaven.

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Leita H. Saysombath is a writer, a business owner, and volunteers at Victoria hospital. She hopes her writing will help children understand the world through imagination. She lives in London, Ontario, with her own small creature, a pet hamster who sometimes likes to go on solo adventures.


Leita H. Saysombath

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