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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Diversity, Multiculturalism, Canada, Immigration, Cultural mosaic, Understanding each other, Children and diversity

The Colours of Canada
by Medina Assiff

When Miss Onya’s class has the chance to create a mosaic piece of art depicting Canada, they are each given a different tile to glue down. As they begin to place their tiles down to create Canada, they each explain how their tile reminds them of something from their own cultural heritage. The diverse group of children work together to create the whole of Canada, showing how this country of immigrants is made up of a mosaic of people from all across the world—and from right here on our land, too. Join Miss Onya’s class as they discover that the beauty of Canada is found in the diversity of its people.

Medina Assiff is a sixteen year-old girl who was born and raised in Alberta. She has always loved reading and believes that everyone has a story worth telling. “The Colours of Canada” is her first book, but she hopes to write many more in the future. Her aim was to create an enjoyable book that would introduce the concept of diversity to young kids, as it is never too early to learn about inclusion. To her, understanding and appreciating people who come from different walks of life is important. In the future, she hopes to travel the world to broaden her perspective. Maybe one day she’ll explore all the places mentioned in her book, because they’re definitely on her bucket list! She’s played soccer since she was three, and her favourite activities include ice skating and drawing. She can often be found watching movies with her four sisters or getting competitive in a game of Monopoly.


Medina Assiff

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