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  • Lil Dragon


    Lil Dragon was a very small dragon with blue eyes and green scales. Her mother and father loved her very much, and cared for her as she grew to be healthy, but she did not get very big. One day, Father Dragon began to teach her to fly. Lil Dragon ...

  • Messy Missy


    Missy is a girl who always loves to help. The only problem is, she makes a bigger mess in the process! Missy’s kind heart makes everyone shake their heads and have a little smile on their faces…even if that means they’re stuck cleaning up the mess.

  • Me, You and the NICU

    My Little Preemie by

    When a child starts life in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), they look so little, so vulnerable. But with mom and medical professionals close by, soon fewer and fewer machines are beeping away. Before long, mother and child get to go home ...

  • Ollie & Morus Kickback with MAC, In Moose Jaw!

    Cold-a-da Is Loony for MAC & Morus Moose! by

    Morus has pizazz & Ollie a cute snoot. The 3 Hens are wee comediennes & a hoot. JTSnail enjoys a trail & the noise of a toot. On route to Canada’s wild side, they scoot into Moose Jaw & tada MAC, a real beaut! A NEW Yahoo, A Statue redo, a ...

  • The Importance of Saying: Excuse Me


    Naahla and Mirren do all kinds of fun things together. They have dance parties, eat ice cream, and watch movies with their dad. But sometimes, there are burps! Or shoves on the stairs! Or important information that has to be told to Daddy right ...

  • There's a Dragon in my Pocket

    A Story About a Boy and his Fear by

    A boy finds himself thrown into a mysterious situation where his parents have become anxious and afraid. At the same time, he finds an invisible dragon called 'Fear' that lives on him and won't leave. As the dragon grows, the boy must eventually ...

  • No More Scaredy Cats


    In a world where every child runs into problems now and then, it's nice to know that they can rely on their very own superhero—themselves! One Saturday morning, Dora wakes up to find that everything is going wrong. There’s no pancake mix to make ...

  • Everyone Needs Care


    Have you wondered what grownups do at work all day? Meet a personal support worker who is caring for different people living with dementia in our community. Dementia may affect how people experience and react to the world but it does not erase their ...

  • Little David's Big Light


    David has a problem. His teacher says everyone has a light inside, but he can’t find his. When Grandpa notices David’s tears, they explore things that make David feel good—his own brown eyes and smile, the way the flowers smell, and a cozy bedtime ...

  • Raise Me With Empathy

    A Must Read Love Letter From a Child to their Parents by

    Recited as a love letter from a child to their parent(s) or caregiver(s), this book takes you on a powerful, heartfelt journey as it explores themes of self-care and self-love from the perspective of the child. As a parent, it's easy to get caught ...