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  • Hurt to Healing

    Child Witnesses of Domestic Violence and Their Invisible Injuries by

    Ten-year-old Mike is often sad and afraid because of witnessing domestic violence in his home. Mike tries his best to keep the family secret, but this leaves him feeling angry and anxious and struggling to concentrate in school. When he finally ...

  • My Life is Strange


    My life is strange is an interesting book that has many surprises and it is a fictional story. This book is about a girl called Rooky, the youngest in a family of four. Rooky acts like a cat to protect herself from new situations and difficult ones. ...

  • Alex's Ripple Effect


    Alex gets separated from his family while playing in a puddle of water. Scared but determined to find them, he sets out on a search. While searching, he meets other animals who also need help. As Alex helps others with their problems, he learns ...

  • Dust In The Wind

    Volume 1: The DeLaine Reynolds' Journey by

    A horrific, killer tornado rips through Wichita Falls in 1979, launching 12 year-old DeLaine Reynolds into adolescence. Living in a tiny 'rattle-trap trailer' with her abusive step-mother and step-brother and struggling with feelings of abandonment, ...