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  • A Wild Ride


    A story of adventure, survival, friendship, and personal journey, A Wild Ride features thirteen-year-old Justin Attwood, who is sent to a summer wilderness camp at the insistence of his father. Although reluctant to attend the camp, Justin fears ...

  • Sprout


    Sprout, a baby sunflower seed, takes an exciting journey as he develops into a full-grown sunflower. Along the way, he encounters challenges that test his courage, and he learns to face the uncertainties that come with growth. Often he finds himself ...

  • The Red Ribbon Woods


    The Red Ribbon Woods is a timeless holiday tale about the depths of love and connection between family, acreage, and the natural world. This charming narrative flows across the generations of lives lived at Milkweed Lane, the strength of familial ...

  • Dust In The Wind

    Volume 1: The DeLaine Reynolds' Journey by

    A horrific, killer tornado rips through Wichita Falls in 1979, launching 12 year-old DeLaine Reynolds into adolescence. Living in a tiny 'rattle-trap trailer' with her abusive step-mother and step-brother and struggling with feelings of abandonment, ...

  • Forgive Me, Mr. Hunter


    Axel spends his days pedaling around his neighborhood, secure in the knowledge that his watchful and caring mother is always looking out for him. As a four-year-old, Axel’s whole world fits in the span of his neighbourhood. The highlight of his ...

  • Up From Bottom


    Johnny suffers the loss of his mom and Nana while his dad tries to cope by drinking whiskey. Aunt Bev, his dad’s sister, and Uncle Jack make an effort to help. Two girls, Julie and Sarah, intervene in their own unique ways. Over six months Johnny ...

  • The Fall of Beth Anderson


    As if the first year of high school wasn’t hard enough, Beth Anderson finds herself starting it in a brand-new town, far from her best friend Elizabeth and every other friend she’s ever had. At first, she feels up to the challenge and even excited ...

  • My Family, My Home

    Book Two by

    Life will never be the same for 11-year-old Josh. Josh has always lived in an orphanage, but now a family is adopting him. Foxy and Rotten are excited to be opening their home to this new and much-wanted boy, and to deepen the bonds of their family ...

  • The Adventures of Chipper, The Dog of Dogdom


    Owners of beloved dogs will universally agree that, sometimes, it seems their pet understands everything that is being said around them. In this fantasy, Chipper provides some answers to the question: What adventures might a dog have if he could ...