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  • The Sky's the Limit


    The Sky's the Limit is the story of Robbie, a spoiled young bird whose mother is at her wits' end, unable to get him to grow up and leave the comfort of the nest. After trying everything she can, she gives up and takes a much needed long vacation. ...

  • Far From Home


    Margie attends an American boarding school in Kodaikanal, South India, a thousand miles from her home in Parlakimedi, Orissa state, where her missionary parents work. Although she likes school and has fun with friends, she longs to be home with her ...

  • The Adventures of Mao Tse Turtle


    The Adventures of Mao Tse Turtle is a story about the perils and pleasures of freedom. Mao ventures far from home and has neither the speed of the horse nor the strength of the tiger to protect him. Instead, he uses his hard shell and quick mind to ...

  • The Lights of Diwali


    A young family in India is about to celebrate Diwali, the ancient Hindu festival of lights, in contemporary times. In Lights of Diwali the author has taken one of the ancient world’s epic stories The Ramayana and recapped it for a new generation of ...

  • The Beautiful House on the Hill


    The Beautiful House on the Hill tells the story of a lovely and mysterious house. After hearing many rumours about this house in a far away land, a traveller decides to go on the adventure of a lifetime to discover for herself if the rumours are ...