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  • Moose and Goose on the Bus


    Spring is coming, and everyone knows it. As Moose and Goose ride the bus, they talk about spring. Goose loves spring and all that goes with it. Moose loves the sunshine, but isn’t sure about the chill in the air. Bruce, the bus driver, hates the ...

  • Wiley

    The Adventures of a Wacky Water Droplet: Evaporation by

    “Oh, for the love of rain.” Wiley is a tiny water droplet with lots of questions: “What is my purpose, and why do we fall? Why are the clouds so wide and so tall? Where do droplets come from, and how do we change? What is beyond the clouds? I find ...

  • Dot Adventures to The New Earth


    Dot is one water droplet in the Great Ocean, a wonderful faraway place that shimmers with the hearts of all the other droplets. This is Dot’s forever family. In the Great Ocean, she is safe and loved. She never imagined that she would leave. One ...

  • Snow Night


    Young Michael goes to sleep dreaming of a snow day, only to awaken to bare roads and clear skies. He heads to school in his clunky, black snow boots and prepares for an ordinary day in the classroom. About halfway through the day, though, the storm ...

  • The Palm Tree and The Storm


    The Palm Tree is just a palm tree. There’s nothing special about her. Nobody sits under her for shade, or climbs up her branches. She doesn’t even have any branches! But when a storm rolls in and wild winds and pounding rain batter the shore, the ...

  • Teeny Tiny Frob


    There’s no snow on the ground and the weather dragons of Fable Forest are worried. Teeny Tiny Frob is very small and very frightened. But she doesn’t yet know she’s also very brave and determined. Will she be able to find Snogwash and bring back the ...

  • Winston Loves Wind


    Winston is a boy who enjoys all seasons and activities outdoors. This whimsical picture book uses the letter W to describe how wind makes Winston's play time more fun. Alliteration and interactive pages will help children imagine their own ...

  • Little Drip Takes a Trip


    Little Drip loves to travel. He goes everywhere between the sea and the sky, where he has tea with Mr. Sun. Climbing onto Mrs. Cloud's back, he even visits Old Faithful in Yellow Stone National Park! But, at the end of his trips, he always comes ...

  • Little Kite and the Big Wind


    Little Kite longs to fly in the sky with his kite friends, but a calm day in the meadow leaves him grounded. Tired of waiting, Little Kite sets off to find the Big Wind for himself. Along the way he meets a wise oak tree, a sleepy hound dog and a ...