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  • Goldi Unlocks

    A Tale of Thievery, Danger, and Redemption by

    In this fun reimagining of the classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears story, you will finally learn the true reason why this mischievous little girl thought it was perfectly acceptable to sneak into someone’s house, critique their food and ...

  • Advice from a Puppy


    Betty Davis, Jack Russell puppy and seriously smart cookie, has been alive for a whole year. Naturally, she has all kinds of advice to share with other dogs! She knows all about how to give the best kisses, what not to pee on, and where to find ...

  • Farts are like Snowflakes


    With so much to learn, from science to the arts, this is a book to learn all about farts. This book is a poem that's funny and classy, meant to bring smiles to all who've been gassy.

  • It's Time for Tricks!

    Seven African Tales by

    Anansi the spider may be the smallest animal in the forest, but he is certain that he is also the cleverest. He loves to play tricks on the other animals. But Anansi underestimates just how smart his friends can be: they often manage to trick him ...

  • What Did Emmett Do Today?


    Inspired by real life events in the life of Emmett the dog and author Monique D. Currie, learn how a bit of PATIENCE, a change of PERSPECTIVE and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE can brighten your day! Laugh your way through the days of the week as you follow ...

  • Jam Spots


    When Mammy sees that jam spots on the wall are attracting flies, she isn’t worried. She puts some honey on the doorstop to draw away the flies…but then her husband gets stuck in the honey! Oh no! What are Mammy and Pappy going to do? Help can come ...

  • Boo-boos and Loo-loos


    It takes trust and some wisdom from the past To realize that this won’t last You can learn from all of this really fast! Have you ever made a mistake? Don’t worry—we all make the wrong decision sometimes. We can learn from these choices and make ...

  • Where are the Elephant Shoes?


    When Faithhazel is invited to a party, she knows she can’t possibly go without the elephant shoes that match her peacock dress. But the shoes are missing! What will she do? With the help of Noggin and Nugget, two German Shepherd pups, Faithhazel ...

  • The Professional Adventuring Friends


    The King is missing! He vanished on an adventure and no one knows where he is! The Queen, afraid her son will chase after his father and disappear too, locks him away in a tower. One day, Prince Jacob meets a talking spider named Jade. Now that ...

  • A Chocolate Cake Birthday


    Liam loves playing outside at the park and having pajama parties. But what Liam loves more than anything in the world…is chocolate cake! Since he'll be turning five and will be a big boy soon, Liam decides that he’ll have the biggest birthday party ...