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  • Eeko and the Nosy Neighbour


    After unknowingly bringing Buddy, Xavier’s dog, to planet Zeebot during his last visit, Eeko flies back to Earth to return Buddy. There’s only one problem - Buddy refuses to go back unless he can bring his picnut friend, a flying squirrel-like ...

  • The Case of the Missing Moustache


    Tillsonbug is dark and rainy – a perfect day to stay indoors. But that doesn’t stop the twins, Vivian and Fil, and their best friend, Tia, from getting into mischief after witnessing the appearance and disappearance of a 100-legged monster. Will ...

  • Molly McFrost Gets Lost


    Reading with young children will set them up for success and feed their thirst for knowledge! This charming story will engage young listeners and readers as they embark on a journey to find their own way. The rhythm and rhyme of the words will ...

  • The Yakkers


    Too silent is he who sits on the rock. Why yak to a Jibbergamboo who won't talk? Well, that’s just what the gossipy Yakkers from Yakkety Creek are about to find out in a hilarious comeuppance that takes them completely by surprise. Sparkling with ...

  • Tillsonbugger Adventures

    The Swarm that Swarmed by

    Join twins Vivian and Fil, along with best friend Tia, on their first day of summer break. What happens when they discover runaway bees? See how the threesome get into mischief, not save the day, and learn a few sticky lessons along the way.

  • Gone Squirrelly


    It is time for Emilia, Gianpaolo, and Liliana to go to bed. But when Mommy and Daddy go upstairs to help them get ready, the children are nowhere to be found. Instead, three squirrels are jumping on the bed, swinging from the chandelier, and putting ...

  • Skoot Smells Something Funny

    An Urban Animal Tale by

    Life for Skoot is a little lonely in the urban forest. After all, who wants to be friends with a skunk? But one morning Skoot awakens to smell something funny. He sets off on a surprising journey that leads him to someone who wants to be his ...

  • Declan's Day


    Declan’s got a very busy day. But don’t worry, he’s got plenty of imagination to see him through. He’s CatBoy when he’s racing around his trucks. It’s Trunky, the elephant, who picks up his bagel. And Monkey buckles up in the car to go on adventures ...

  • Bee-Have


    Jimmy's dad and Sally warn him about how a bee will sting him and not to disturb the hive. For not listening to the warnings, he received a shocking surprise. The book is delightfully entertaining with a sense of humour and lesson to be taught. It ...

  • Ghost in the Closet


    Inspired by a young girls battle with a wildly vivid imagination, and a pair of exhausted parents who could not want for anything more than their little girl to conquer her troublesome anxieties and get a good night's rest. This is the true story, ...