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  • Gimme a Break!


    Chan is a caregiver, which means she takes care of people who cannot take care of themselves. It’s a special and important job, but it can be tiring, so Chan is careful to take a break when she needs one. Presented for children, Gimme a Break! ...

  • A Pandemic Adventure


    Tired of being stuck at home during a global pandemic, A young porcupine named Peter desperately longs for an adventure. Deciding to leave his village in search of new excitement, he stumbles across a town called Whitby. While there, Peter makes ...

  • What Kind of Sick is Uncle John?


    Uncle John is in the hospital because he’s sick. But he doesn’t have a tummy ache, sniffles, or a fever. So… what KIND of sick is Uncle John? In this tender conversation between a mother and son, the child is trying to understand his uncle’s ...